Tuesday, 3 July 2012

50% Sale at Toshidama Gallery

Yoshitoshi, 32 Aspects of Customs and Manners: Looking Suitable

Every once in a while Toshidama Gallery likes to clear the decks and restock the gallery with new works. This year we are offering 20 superb oban prints to our newsletter subscribers at an extraordinary 50% of their normal gallery price, including those illustrated here. Subscribers can buy as many half price prints as they like from this special exhibition, opening on Friday 6th July. This special show lasts for two weeks only and includes museum quality prints by Yoshitoshi, Kunisada, Kuniyoshi, Kunichika and Hiroshige.

We are only offering prints from previous gallery exhibitions. This is an opportunity for anyone to own a spectacular Japanese woodblock print at very little cost. To take part in this ukiyo-e event, sign up to our newsletter here to receive your discount code.
Kunisada, Kintaro Wrestling a Tengu

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